PU Care


Regular Care:
• Protect from direct sunlight, direct heat and weather.
• Regularly dust with a clean dry duster. Wipe occasionally with clean damp cloth.

• Dust before cleaning. Do not remove cushion covers for separate cleaning.
• Do not shampoo. Do not clean by hot-water extraction machine.
• Do not dry clean. Avoid hard rubbing or scrubbing. Wide with a clean soft cloth dampened with water and a mild soap solution.
• Do not use diswashing or laundry detergents. Do not use solvents.
• Do not wet excessively. Wipe with a clean dry cloth. Dry in shade away from direct heat.

Modern chrome – Polyurethane do not generally require conditioners. If a conditioner is required, use only a propriety brand and use strictly in accordance with the conditioner manufacturer’s instructions. Do not use floor, furniture or shoe polishes.

Spot Cleaning:
Clean as above. Persistent stains may require treatment by a professional cleaner.